VMATRIX introduces "MATRIX 18" an unequalled 18 days RESELLING program "The first of its kind", to support you TO FULFILL your financial needs.


Plan your business

Plan and Prepare your business papers with sufficient knowledge and R&D.Consult as many as you can to get clear information



Register for free and Pay Rs.100/- and find minimum 3 needy people to enter in like you.


Maintain 24 HRS.

Maintain 24 hrs timeline to activate and upgrade your account.



Activate the persons joining received by you and immediately cross check the receipts


Receive Fund

Start receiving funds of minimum 70 lakhs INR in 18 days.

How we work

How we deal the Reseller Program

We work fast

First and formost rule is to maintain 24hrs timeline. Follow the table to understand. We need to register and activate immediately.To start you need to pay Rs.100/- through Gpay to the number you find in your App Login. Now, your ID will be activated by that person. Make Sure it will not be delayed. Contact the person if necessary

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Become Eligible

Now, you need to select 3 interested persons from your friends and make them register with your id as referral id and they need to activate their accounts with in 24 Hrs then you are eligible for receiving funds.

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Activate People

Now, as you transfered money for the activation, You will start receiving registration amounts from 9 persons referred by your friends.Check the receipts and activate their Accounts with the links in your app. Make sure you do it immediately.

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Upgrade your account

Now, You need to upgrade.You will upgrade from the donations you received to your account. You transfer the upgrade payments to the person you paid Rs.100/- for the activation. Now, your ID will be upgraded by that person. Take care it will not be delayed.Contact him if necessary.

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Upgrade People

Now, You will again receive payments for upgradation from 9 persons and activate their upgradation immediately. Check the receipts for your confirmation.

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Continue upgradations

Continue the same process of upgradations and activations until you complete 5 upgrades. Be cautiuous to maintain 24 Hrs. timeline for every step. Your account will be suspended if you miss and need to pay the level amount to get reactivated.

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Complete Process

Finally, at the end of 18 days you will have Rs.74,64,900/- and you will now be free from the process and well awarded with the needful fund to start your dream project.

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You are free financially

Now, You submitt your taxation and start your business without any funds issues HAPPILY...!!!.

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The Best Reselling Network.

Its a unique funding platform designed to receive money by every individual directly from the people and Vmatrix is no way involved in transactions. Thus, VMATRIX provides a free service to the indivudual for a good cause of generating ENTREPRENEURS.

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